Although many people find success with beating addictions through traditional recovery methods, others require a more science and biology-based approach. The science of mapping brain activity when it comes to addictive personalities is young, but has proven to be a strong treatment method at SOBA Recovery Center.

Addiction and Science

Overwhelming evidence in brain and nervous system neurofeedback monitoring suggests that there are very specific and definable actions in the nervous system that coincide with addiction triggers. What leads a person to form an addiction, the primary causes of addictive behaviors, and emotional reactions to substances can all be traced with sophisticated scans. If the right activities in the brain that coincide with addiction are pinpointed, powerful methods of curbing addictions can be established.

As this science grows, it provides many tools for specialists to introduce to patients who desire freedom from certain addictions. Understanding exactly how the brain and nervous system react to certain stimuli reveals insights for treating a wide range of addictions at SOBA.

Part Of Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Our facility utilizes the latest forms of brain and nerve mapping. This provides our professional counselors with information regarding the needs of each patient. No patient is exactly like any other patient. This is where brain mapping technology is most useful. It illustrates how a person reacts biologically to various types of emotions, substances, environments, and interactive stimulation. Knowing how a person’s biological system reacts to addictive elements and treatments minimizes the time it takes to recommend paths for changing behaviors.

Brain and nerve function monitoring for substance abuse treatment is absolutely non-invasive and painless. It involves the placement of pads and sensors on key points along the nervous system. This usually means the head, spine, and some extremities. During each step of a diagnosis and recovery period, a patient’s normal body output is recorded in a computer. The readings indicate certain changes in the body like heart rate, brain sector activity, blood flow, body temperature, muscle fiber activity, and nerve connections between key body systems. All of this information is compiled into a personal profile for addiction management. Brain and nerve monitoring ensures that every patient receives attention according to their unique body chemistry and reaction to treatment.

Having this type of neurofeedback technology available at our facility allows our counselors and treatment specialists to design the most effective programs for you. The mysteries behind what causes certain addictions are now less enigmatic with brain and nerve mapping technology. This tool is an incredibly forward-focused tool that SOBA Recovery Center is proud to offer clients wanting to learn more about their addictions, while working toward beating them permanently.

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