SOBA Treatment for addiction involves multiple components when you enroll. One of the techniques employed is often group therapy. While expressing your feelings in front of a group might generate some anxiety, understanding the benefits of this method can help you to embrace the possibilities that it offers.

Positive Social Bonds

Through your struggle with addiction, you may have formed bonds with individuals who influenced your health in a negative way. Whether they encouraged you to continue using or provided you with drugs or alcohol, these individuals may have skewed your perceptions of what healthy social bonds are. Group therapy at SOBA allows you to see that social relationships can prove nurturing.


At the beginning, you may feel hesitant to make friends even if you do experience the power of positive social bonds. However, consider how positive friendships uplift you. Simply having someone to text with or to meet with for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling lonely can provide you with the power to overcome your addiction. These social bonds can turn into friendships that stay with you.


Kindness and consideration from your relatives and friends at home can help you during this journey; however, you may feel as though these individuals don’t understand what you’re experiencing. The other individuals in your SOBA therapy group do know what it is like to have an addiction. Therefore, they can provide you with a level of understanding that others may not be able to.


Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey toward recovery or you’ve already taken a number of steps, you can feel as though it is a challenge to continue. Hearing stories of how people overcame these obstacles can provide you with the motivation to proceed with the process. You can gain strength from hearing inspirational stories. Also, you have the opportunity to motivate others when they are struggling.


Chances are that you are going to face situations along the way that you don’t fully know how to handle. When you come to these points, you can ask the members of your therapy group what they have done in similar situations. Even if they haven’t encountered such situations, you can work through them together.


Having thoughts trapped in your mind can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re struggling with addiction. Seeing other people who are willing to express honesty and openness about their addiction can encourage you to do the same. Once you begin to talk through the issues that you are experiencing, you can discover how beneficial continuing to do so is. While speaking in front of multiple people might make you feel uneasy at first, remember that recovering from addiction involves pursuing new opportunities.

If you are suffering from addiction, SOBA paths can offer you a diverse range of treatment and support. Through group therapy sessions, you can regain a sense of who you are and build connections that encourage you throughout the process.

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