Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of therapy treatment with lots of proven benefits. It involves patients analyzing their thoughts and how they come to fruition. For those who are in drug and alcohol treatment, this can be a true boon in terms of helping their recovery.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT) involves patients examining their thoughts in as logical of a manner as possible. The philosophy behind this treatment is that our thoughts cause our feelings, rather than the other way around. This lets the patient realize how their thought patterns could be leading them astray.

Examples of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In a CBT therapy session, a primary therapist will ask for a client to describe a situation. They’ll say what happened, which will be the Situation. The therapist will then have them describe the experience in as much detail as they see fit. They will then talk about what thoughts they were experiencing at this time and how they felt as a result. At the end, they will be asked to consider any cognitive distortions that might’ve influenced their thoughts, which then influenced their feelings. Then, they’ll write or say what could be a more rational explanation.

For instance, someone with anxiety might talk about feeling stressed out because their boss didn’t smile at them. They might think this means they’re going to be fired. This cognitive distortion is known as “catastrophizing,” where the person expects the worst to happen, based on unproven circumstances. When done with the exercise, they can calm themselves down by realizing that their boss not smiling is likely due to personal issues they’re having, unrelated to them.

How SOBA Recovery Uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT at SOBA Recovery Center requires clients to be consistent in order to be effective. They need to keep a thought journal or other log of how they’re feeling. If an intrusive thought or anxiety over a situation arises, they can take the time to assess their feelings and how disruptive thought patterns might be affecting them.

Our Treatment

At SOBA Recovery Center, we know CBT to be an effective means of helping during the recovery process. We understand how much addiction can affect the minds of users. By helping our clients to understand how they get certain feelings, such as cravings for drugs and alcohol, we can let them realize how much power they can hold over their addictions.

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