There’s no one else in the world like you, and when it comes to alcohol treatment programs, this simple fact must be seriously considered when developing a plan to break free from the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse. At SOBA, we believe that the best chance for your success is to develop an individually-tailored program that addresses your specific needs and issues. Because each person abuses alcohol for different reasons, it is those very reasons that must be treated in order to prevent relapses and continuing emotional pain to both you and your loved ones. Our alcohol treatment philosophies and environment can offer you a custom designed program that you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s because at SOBA, we believe the factors that led you to drink in the first place are as much a crucial part of the disease as the dependency on alcohol itself. In order to best understand this, we can compare this to chronic back pain: if you only take medication to relive the pain, the underlying issues causing the pain will never be addressed. Therefore, is just the “broken” back the disease, or the pain you feel from it? Or both? The same can be applied to addiction. Alcohol treatment that only addresses the cessation of drinking ultimately does nothing to address the true disease. Ultimately, Emotional Sobriety is the goal of our treatment plan,

These “diseases” can be many things- emotional, mental, and physical. Physical causes of alcoholism can also be chronic stress and anxiety, or unaddressed debilitating pain issues. Emotional issues that can cause a person to drink include grief, loss, separation, relationship issues, failed careers or marriages, and many other issues. Finally, mental conditions that can be underlying causes include ADHD dyspraxia, borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a bipolar diagnosis, and even autism. Treating these issues is essential to a successful alcohol treatment plan.

At SOBA, we address underlying issues and alcoholism simultaneously. We do this by addressing the three primary functions of the human existence:

The Body: Alcohol treatment must necessarily begin with detoxification. This is accomplished in our JCAHO-Accredited safe, clean, and relaxed facility which is fully staffed by very qualified and caring individuals. We follow this up with excellent food from our professional chef, and personal training sessions with our expert physical trainers.

The Mind: Healing the mind is an essential part of an effective alcohol treatment program. SOBA offers you the most renowned specialists available; from psychiatrists, to therapists, to medical doctors and more. We assure you of only the very best when it comes to addressing current underlying issues and recurrent conditions that could cause relapses.

The Spirit: SOBA is not a religious organization, but we are deeply spiritual in nature, and we encourage your spirituality as well. We believe that this is absolutely crucial to a wholesome type of healing that provides a strong structure for alcohol treatment success. We offer a clean, relaxed environment that is well cared for and comfortably appointed. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets, pristine oceanfront views, and beautiful surroundings while you work to heal your body, mind, and soul. Take part in cleansing, fun, and healing activities such as surf therapy, ropes courses, and art and music therapy. Or, immerse yourself in the ocean and feel the strains of addiction wash away.

Whatever you do, you should know that you are not alone. Our alcohol treatment program works with you on multiple levels to treat alcoholism, its underlying causes, and to create a support system to ensure you of continued success and, ultimately, Emotional Sobriety. The first step is to pick up the phone and call us now. We’ll provide you with a private, absolutely free consultation with an expert that can help guide you through this difficult time. We’re here for you, and our alcohol treatment program works if you work it. Come join us on the beautiful Pacific today, and begin the process of taking back your life.

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